1959 Plymouth Amongst Swivel Seats

From Ed!

I’m certain I’ve told you lot the storey most my 1959 Plymouth amongst the swivel seats — the ane where, every bit a senior inwards college, I took a daughter to a painting as well as therefore brought her dorsum to her dorm.  My step-father had installed a replacement “spring” nether the passenger’s topographic point — an wrong jump as well as ane that had a lot of tension on it.  Of course of report the seats had no topographic point belts as well as thinking to print “Mary” or any her yell was, I opened her door inwards the parking lot as well as told her to “press the lever on the side of your seat.”  
Being a petite immature adult woman she was literally ejected from the topographic point every bit it speedily swung to the side as well as she brutal onto the parking lot.  Needless to nation in that location was no instant date.
But I constitute this photograph of an refer for that auto which is hilarious — banknote that the refer says that the auto is “built for the ane human being out of 4 who wants a fiddling flake more.”  Something to a greater extent than seems to hold upwards a adult woman stepping out of the swivel topographic point carrying a babe inwards her arms.

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